(formerly known as KAREN MARLAND)

After studying geography, I was privileged to receive my initial cartographic training from John Keates at the University of Glasgow and then from Mary Spence at GEOprojects (U.K.) Ltd in Reading. This gave me an excellent grounding in conventional cartographic techniques, processes and design.

After two years at GEOprojects, I moved to Bartholomew in Edinburgh. The next decade was one of great change: not just the geographical relocation of Bartholomew to the HarperCollins offices in Glasgow, but also the shift of map and atlas creation from conventional to digital methods.

As well as undertaking editorial work I also developed my DTP skills. This ensured that I continued to have a full understanding of the map creation process.

As a Project Leader I oversaw the creation of many products from scratch, including the first HarperCollins map product to be printed using Computer to Plate technology.

As Editorial Co-ordinator I oversaw the use and development of editorial practices within the origination department.

After leaving HarperCollins in 2004 following the birth of my son, I continued to work in a freelance capacity, both at home and at the HarperCollins offices, until I returned to my native Merseyside in 2006.

Since then I have continued to enjoy doing freelance work at home. Recent projects have included checking maps and writing text for world atlases, creating large-scale plans of cemeteries and crematoria for Sefton Council, and checking reference maps for The Times Atlas of Britain.